Art is a universal language that once used well can inspire, influence, form and transform lives. Arts inclusisity embraces the time difference between generations and speaks to both in the manner that allows celebrations of differences and growth in similarities found. Art is a perfect platform for causing changes, hence our engagement with Arts. We aim to create a platform that unites individuals who share passion for arts to bring impact and positive change. Through Arts we aim to impact culture, influence behaviour change and positively influence nations.
Our Arts Projects

Arts for Change Project.

Tanzania Bora Initiative works with Artists by engaging them in creating music, dramas, poetry etc. that influences positive change needed in our community. Since arts can significantly influence the degree to which people feel empowered to participate in community development, Arts for Change program steps in to facilitate this process. We work with our partner company LoveArts Ltd to deliver various forms of Art with messages that inspires positive change for our community.

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